The Grill Glove Instead Of Utensils

Grill GloveEveryone knows that you cannot just toss a slab of meat on a grill and it will cook itself perfectly every time.  There is a lot of set up involved and the right barbecue accessories must be on hand.  It is these utensils which can make grilling easier or more fun, or create massive headaches for the grill master.  This is what makes the Grill Glove such a great accessory. It not only works well, it will keep the frustration level of the chef from reaching a boiling point. The Grill Glove can completely replace many of the grilling accessories once thought to be mandatory for great grilling experience.

Traditionally, cooking with grilling utensils could be frustrating for a variety of reasons. Among them, burns, damaged food and dropping on the floor. Not to mention some accessories are made better than others.  Quality counts. And, it’s hard to barbecue a chicken with regular forks or basting brushes. You will  burn yourself and most likely have difficulties getting your bird on and off the grill.

Most people will try and make the task easier by having the commonly accepted arsenal of grilling accessories on hand.  The most common are tongs, a spatula, a fork and basting brush. True, learning to use these things properly will make life easier, but what if there was a way to skip the need for most of these all together? Wouldn’t that be a whole lot better?

Well, amazingly enough, the Grill Glove can help you grill better and more efficiently than the basics I mentioned above. Being made 100% food grade silicone means that coming in contact directly with food will not contaminate it in any way. It can resist temperatures of up to 500 degrees so you will not get burned while working over the cooking surface.  And it’s waterproof which allows to reach safely into a pot of boiling water to remove food without dropping it or fearing injury.

The Grill Glove may be a better option than the mandatory set of utensils mentioned above.  Let’s see how it stacks up.

Grill Glove v. Tongs – A set of sturdy grilling tongs are probably the most widely used accessory of them all.  They are great for adding, removing, flipping and rearranging grill items. It takes a little practice to get good with the tongs and finding a set that opens and closes properly is key.  But the Grill Glove does all the same things tongs can do, and more.  Tongs will not keep you from getting burned and getting five fingers around your food provides better control of just about anything.  Try flipping a rack of ribs with tongs.  Winner: Grill Glove

Grill Glove v. Spatula – The spatula is best for flipping, adding and removing certain grill items. Anything requiring a more gentle touch should be tried first with the spatula.  A fish fillet or rare burger can flake or crumble and my be ruined with tongs. Ideally, the spatula can be slid under the food and then lifted from the cooking surface.  Flipping items with less structural integrity is better done with a spatula.  But the Grill Glove may also eliminate the need for a spatula in most cases.  Besides protecting from burns you can easily flip larger items and things like soft vegetables or flaky fish can be handled by sliding your gloved fingers between the grates then under the food before lifting.  It’s a whole different way to flip.  Winner: Grill Glove

Grill Glove v. Fork – The fork is best used in conjunction with something else.  Usually placed in the less dominate hand it can serve as support while using tongs, spatula’s or something else.  Risking adding uncooked food or removing the finished product can be risky if just forking it.  It’s not bad for poking an item to see if it cooked to taste but so can other things.  As far as support goes, using the second grill glove is a better bet.  Gloving up both hands gives you the ultimate control over your food and you can manipulate it as you like without getting burned.  Again, having five, and in some cases ten, fingers on an items is a lot better than jabbing a fork into it.  Winner: Grill Glove.

Grill Glove v. Basting Brush -  The Basting Brush is my personal favorite of all grilling utensils because it’s usually responsible for painting on the good stuff. However, keeping them clean and damage free is a task and the long handled ones are not precise.  Believe it or not I use my grill glove to smear on my sauces.  Remember, it is 100% food grade silicone so touching food is no problem.  It is waterproof so my hands stay clean and if need be be, it will rinse off in seconds.  It is excellent for spot basting when you need to lift and dab.  Winner: Grill Glove

The bottom line here is the Grill Glove can do more than serve as an oven mitt while holding utensils.  You can eliminate the need for toting clumsy utensils around that you really don’t need.  Grilling becomes much more efficient when you have total control over your cooking surface and the food you are preparing.  Using the Grill Glove as you main utensil is not only safer, but will make grilling a lot more fun.  Who likes to clean the utensils after the meal anyway?

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