Grill Glove: Upgrade Your Grilling Experience

grill glove

The Grill Glove

The Summer is about to heat up and Grill Glove wants to remind you that means grilling season is in full swing.  The time between Memorial Day and the July 4th Weekend, represent the absolute hottest time of the year for outdoor cooking.  It’s a time for swimming, relaxing and spending time with the family.  Something about summertime just seems to slow down the pace and make the living easy.

The Grill Glove is something that goes right along with the joy of summer living because it really does make grilling easier.  The Grill Glove is not your average Oven Mitt.  It is made of 100% food grade silicone and is heat resistant up to 500 degrees.  This means that not only is it completely safe to interact with your food, you won’t get burned in the process.  Think about all the grilling utensils you WON’T need anymore because of the Grill Glove.

One of the most laborious things about grilling is trying to master the tongs.  Tongs have to be one of the clumsiest tools ever invented but they are necessary if you want to both place, and manage your food.  We’ve all had the experience of dropping our perfectly grilled steaks on the ground or losing our hot dogs through the grates.  So the advent of the grill glove which actually allows you to handle your food with the dexterity of your hand itself is what makes this the must have product of the summer.

Forget about the fact that the grill glove is easier to take on the go than a drawer full of utensils, or that it is waterproof and cleans with ease.  Focus on the idea that grilling can be fun again and a heck of lot less work with the grill glove.  When football season rolls around, expect to see the very best tailgaters using the grill glove while showing off their mastery of the grill.

Basting, Flipping, Placing, Turning and Removing food from a burning hot Grill will never be the same, and SHOULD never be a problem again.  While reaching your hand into a burning grill to adjust the coals, or plunging your hand into a pot of boiling water to grab your lobster has never been an easy task, it is no longer problematic because of the Grill Glove’s unique construct and heat resistant technology.  So it’s time to upgrade your grilling experience with the Grill Glove.

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